For Immediate Release Delightful New Children’s DVD Teaches Friendship, Loyalty and Respect for the Environment ‘The Happy Cricket’ Hops onto DVD October 24, 2006 From Clever Image Studios/Start Animation Fairview, NJ (September 5, 2006) – Not since Jiminy has there been as charming a cricket as Christopher, the delightful new friend children will meet in “The Happy Cricket,” an engaging and inspiring new animated film coming to DVD October 24, 2006 from Clever Image Studios. Available for a suggested retail price of $19.95 and recommended for ages 3-8, “The Happy Cricket” is an inspiring, engaging tale that celebrates the values of friendship, freedom and the defense of nature. It has been selected to be shown in many film festivals sponsored by KIDS FIRST! a program of the nonprofit Coalition for Quality Children’s Media. Filled with adorable characters, vivid animation and playful original songs, “The Happy Cricket” is a remarkable story that will create cherished memories and nourish strong morals in children everywhere. “‘The Happy Cricket’ presents classic values that children and families will relate to,” said Cleber Redondo, president and creative director of Clever Image Studios. “Besides teaching kindness, sharing and protecting the environment, the movie presents a simple message about working for peace. We have partnered with the non profit Freedom From War Foundation by licensing Christopher as their mascot and we will work together to create a Teach Peace book for children, which will include themes found in the movie.” “We are proud to be associated with ‘The Happy Cricket’ and present Christopher as our mascot in our message of peace throughout the world,” said David Dionisi, president of Freedom From War Foundation,, an organization that is dedicated to helping end and prevent future wars. “We look forward to collaborating with Clever Image on the Teach Peace book for children, which we hoped will facilitate discussions about world peace.” Christopher, a carefree cricket bubbling over with song, dance and good humor, lives a simple, happy existence bringing joy and music to all his friends in the forest. He draws musical inspiration from Linda, the Night Star, who shines like a diamond in the night sky. But the arrival of Wartlord the lizard – accompanied by his bumbling sidekick Buffuno the grasshopper and his personal guards, the Toads – threatens the merriment of the forest – indeed the very forest itself – when he begins ordering the destruction of trees to make way for a monstrous monument devoted to his relentless craving for power and dictatorship. He even declares that all music be prohibited! Things go from bad to worse when Linda, in an attempt to reach Christopher, falls too near Wartlord’s castle and needs rescuing. Christopher knows the Magic Toucan can help and sets out to find him with the help of his friends: Honeydew, a kind and ecologically minded butterfly; Leonardo, a clever beetle; Isabelle, a keen ladybug who is a natural leader; Cartibella, a sweet and nurturing centipede; her adopted snail Snealy, cute and clever; and Barnaby, an easy-going and athletic grasshopper. Together, they vow to thwart Wartlord’s menacing plans, save Linda and the forest, and restore happiness and music to their home. Bob Papenbrook, a well know voice-over talent and martial arts expert, provided the voice for Wartlord, one of his last performances before he passed away. “The Happy Cricket” is dedicated to him. “The Happy Cricket” DVD is 82 minutes and has three different language tracks: English, Spanish and Portuguese with subtitles also available in those languages. Special features include the animated short “The Solar Eclipse;” “About the Production” information; “Meet the Characters” menu; and scene selection. To order, please call toll free 1-877-253-8374 or visit